Monday, October 3, 2011

Bunnicula -- Deborah and James Howe

The cover made this look like such a fun story, but . . .

I can see the appeal of this storyline--the juxtaposition of a cute bunny and his Dracula-like powers is certainly interesting. The writing, however, is immature, boring, and unnecessarily simplified. The characters are flat and life-less. There is no suspense, no tension, and no twists or surprises whatsoever, and the end was predictable and anti-climatic. Even with a few humorous lines in the dialogue, this book is painfully underwhelming.

Just because a book is short and meant for children doesn't mean it has to be poorly written. There are so many better books in the world. If you want cute horror, read Eva Ibbotson or Roald Dahl*. If you want talking animals, read C.S. Lewis or Brian Jacques. You can always find something better than Bunnicula.

*Edit: Ibbotson and Dahl don't technically write horror, so I'm on the search for a good children's horror book.

Estimated Reading Level: 3rd grade
Grade: D-

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